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Somethings You May Not Know

• The chimney is the most commen place for a roof to leak.

• Proper installation of flashings is the most important step to a waterproof roof.

• Your roof and chimney shift over time. Flashings provide a seal for that movement.

• Chalk and Tar do not seal a chimney. After exposure to sunlight and rain or snow fall, tar or chalks' chemical structure breaks down causing leaks and corrosion. Also the shifting of the roof will break the brittle tar or chalk leaving holes and cracks for water to seap through. Only a proper flashing system can prevent this.

• Deterioration and or debris at the base of you chimney is caused from not having a chimney cap on your chimney.

The roof and chimney are the most overlooked and under-maintained part of your house, even though it is subjected to weather extremes. There are many reasons for this neglect of the roof such as inaccessibility; lack of roof maintenance knowledge; the height or slope of the roof; accumulation of dirt or debris; etc. Consquently, no one pays attention to the roof until it leaks. Our solution gives your roof and chimney the best possible coverage to prevent leaks that cause costly damage.


These images show why tar doesnt work
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